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How Nice People Quit Their Job

Job Pandas 3 June, 2022

Many people stay stuck in a job they do not enjoy, simply because they are too nice to quit. Even nice people need to quit a job, though. It is important to remember, that even if you are a nice person, there are ways to quit that are both professional and kind. Let's look at how nice people can quit their job.

Review Policy

You can start by reviewing the company's policy regarding leaving a position. Most companies will have a policy that will outline exactly how you can go about quitting your job properly. Be sure to take all of the steps that are outlined in the policy.

If you are still put on a guilt trip or harassed in any way for quitting, be sure to point out that you are following company policy.

Keep Important People In The Loop

Some people are under the impression that they need to be secretive and undercover to quit their job. The truth is, you are an adult, and you work in a free market. You are under no obligation to stay at your job longer than you want to. Employees are free to come and go as they please.

Go ahead and keep your boss in the loop. If you are considering leaving, tell them. If there are particular issues at work that are spurring you to quit, telling your boss your intention may inspire them to make the necessary changes.

Show Your Gratitude

There is also a huge misconception that you only quit a job when you are upset or angry. This does not need to be the case. You can totally quit your job while still in good standing with your boss and co-workers.

When you put in your notice, be sure to express how grateful you are for the time you worked there. No need for there to be any bad feelings when you quit.